Friday, October 9, 2009

Help Me Pick Yarn ... or Fiber

Have you seen the current issue of Interweave Knits? I just adore the sweater/coat on the front cover. It's called the Clasica Coat.

I've been sitting here looking up yarn options online for at least an hour. I like the yarn it's knit with. Handspun single ply, slightly thick and thin, natural colors ... beautiful yarn. With the sweater requiring 12 or 14 hanks of yarn it is quite a bit out of my budget. Then I got to thinking ... Aran weight single ply yarn is my favorite yarn to spin. Should I spin for this? How much fiber would I need to spin 2,000 yards? Am I crazy for even contemplating this? My current spin to knit project is in month six and it's only a shawl. Now granted I haven't spent much time on it over the past month or so but I am almost done. It was only 700 yards of a lace weight single but it didn't take me long to spin for it. I worked on it a lot over one weekend and then finished it up sometime during the next week. It's the knitting that is taking me forever. It doesn't help that this is my first big lace project and my first real chart reading project.

So I've been looking over yarn options and reading about all these pilling problems with some of the single ply yarns. I'm wondering if I have something with a longer staple length than merino, will this reduce the pilling? What if it is something with a longer staple length than merino and it's blended with silk or tencel? I found several single ply yarns that had either silk or tencel blended in and they looked absolutely drool worthy. Now I'm wondering if I can find the fiber/color combo to spin this. And then there is the pull towards Rambouillet or CVM. Oh the decisions. I need to get busy on that shawl so I can move on to my next project. :)

So anyone have a recommendation for a source for natural colored Rambouillet, CVM or BFL combed top???

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