Monday, December 22, 2008

Something Exciting This Way Comes ...

My drum carder is on the way and I have about 22 pounds of loose fiber waiting to be made into luxury sock batts. Hopefully will have some added to the shop just after the turn of the year, maybe even before. Here's a sneak peak at some of the merino/cashmere/nylon I've been kettle dyeing. I'm really excited about this new adventure and have a ton of fun ideas in store for my customers.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun & Funky Sock Balls

Got more of these made up. Two of these are up in the shop now and the other two will be added later today.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shop Update

All are 4 ounces of imported British Blue-Faced Leicester (BFL). Yummy soft!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Ravelry Marketplace Ad

Seriously I think I should have been a graphic artist/designer type thing. Not saying I'm any good at it ... just that I can sit here and play with a graphics program all day long and not get bored. Here's my new marketplace ad on Ravelry ...

I also made a new holiday banner for my etsy shop and my family blog. Next stop will be adding some Christmas cheer to the Crews Engineering Services website.

Those Funky Sock Balls I Mentioned Earlier ...

Fun & Funky Sock Balls

Another new item for the shop. I came across the opportunity to buy several pounds of mill ends of my popular merino/nylon pencil roving. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to find something fun to do with them. Here's what I came up with ... from my listing on Etsy:

Something fun and funky for yourself or your favorite spinner. This listing is for a full 6 oz of spinning fiber. It is an 80/20 merino/nylon blend. This hand dyed spinning fiber is made from superwash merino nylon pencil roving mill ends. This fiber will make some really fun and funky machine washable sock yarn. Just pick up a ball, unroll it and separate the two halves and start spinning. No pre-drafting required. Randomly pick another ball, join and keep spinning.

I have one set up now (blue & purple) but the pictures didn't turn out so great. I'm going to change the bulb in my light box and take some more pics today. I also have a green & brown set to list and will be dyeing many more of these today.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fall Fiber Festival in Trenton

Here are links to a blog post and an online newspaper about the fiber festival last month. Had to get a let shot didn't she? ;)


Truth Seeker Times

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Item!

Rocket Yarn stash sachets. Keep them in your stash drawer, container, bag (or whatever you use) to keep your stash smelling fresh and to discourage moths. You could even toss one in your knitting bag. I have one set of stash sachets up in the shop now and will be adding more today. I have two fragrances ... Rocket Yarn Blend & Lavender. The Rocket Yarn Blend is a mix of several different herbs, including Lavender. Lavender is a natural moth deterrent so it's a great thing to keep with your wool and cotton fiber and yarn. I sent out a few of the Rocket Yarn blend to some of my customers to get their feedback and everyone really loved them. The herbs I use are all grown naturally with no pesticides. I buy them from someone here in North Florida.