Saturday, November 21, 2009

New in the Shop: Satellite Sets

New product: Satellite Sets are 4 skein sets of matching hand dyed yarn. I use 3 skeins of worsted weight superwash merino and 1 skein of sock yarn and dye them together using my fingerpainting method. You can use these sets to make a unique set of coordinating knits. A pair of socks with matching hat and scarf or hat and gloves would make a great gift for someone special. So far I have two of these sets up in the shop but will have more up soon. I have a blue set that just needs to be reskeined and listed and I will be dyeing a few more of these sets in the next day or so.

Fingerpainted Browns Satellite Set (takes you to Etsy shop)
The sock yarn in this set is superwash merino nylon. This is a very sturdy sock yarn and I chose it for this brown set because I think it's good yarn to use when knitting socks for men.

The sock yarn in this set is my new 2-ply superwash merino with a high twist. It takes the dye a little different than the worsted weight so the sock yarn in this set is ever so slightly darker than the worsted.

I'm really pleased with how these sets came out. I hope you like them and I would appreciate feedback on yardage, price, colors, etc.

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