Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Shopping & Crafting - Round 2

And the gift guide continues ...

Sheep Incognito Calendar - $19.95 + shipping. This artist, Conni Togel, is very talented. Sheep art, what's not to love? I love this calendar but would be happy to have any of her sheep art hanging around.

How about some knitting patterns? There are several I've had my eye on but these two are leading the pack for me right now.

Sylvar by Jordana Paige

Wicked by Zephyr Style

Gift Tags from Knit It Up on Etsy $10 + shipping. I love these tags so much. She has tags for knitting, crochet and general crafting. I plan to buy some of these to use on my handmade gifts this holiday season. They come in their own little tin and some of them have really sassy little phrases on them. This is one of my favorites:
The bottom reads "Just tell me if you don't love it... I'll keep it for myself!" .... isn't that great? Love it!

And just for the fun of it, I thought I'd share my Elf Yourself video of my family. Need a laugh? Check it out: See it here.

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