Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Shopping & Crafting

I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming holidays. The state of the economy coupled with the fact that our sole source of income is self-employment income has me thinking a bit more than usual about how and where I want to spend my limited gift budget this year. It is going to be a homemade holiday for sure. I always make a lot of our gifts because I love to make things and give them away. This year our budget is smaller than ever so I plan to make most, if not all, of the gifts we give. Sure I could go spend a little here and there and cover everyone on the list but I don't want to spend money that way. I prefer to give everyone something special, even if it is small. I've been working on my handmade gift spreadsheet (this is how i maintain sanity) and thought I would share some of the small gifts I plan to make this year. Here is a snippet:
  • Knit Coffee Cozy - easy, quick knit, lots of coffee drinkers in my family
  • Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments - using small cookie cutters in holiday shapes
  • Knit Cotton Dish Scrubbies - quick knit, everyone washes dishes right?
  • Hats - sort of small, can be fun and quirky
  • Funky Fashion Scarves - aka the skinny scarf knit with funky, chunky handspun yarn, super quick knit and fun to boot!
So where do I plan to spend my money on supplies and the few gifts I don't make? Two places:

1) Any locally owned business in the small rural town we live in because they are hurting just like we are and I want to support my town. I've seen so many businesses have to shut down over the past several months and I want to help out in any way I can.
2) Any Etsy shop (Artfire, HyenaCart, etc are also options) because I know a lot of those sellers are stay-at-home-moms trying to make some extra money for their family. Last year Rocket Yarn sales funded our entire Christmas. Without it Santa might have had to skip our house. Shocked-tpvgames.gif

For those of you with money shopping for a knitter or spinner I've compiled a list goodies that I would love to see under my own Christmas tree.

  • Sit & Spin DVD by Jacey Boggs aka Insubordinknit $43 (includes shipping to the US)
  • Goods for Knitters from WineMakersSister on Etsy $13.95 + $4.95 shipping. She has tons of great stuff in her shop but this mug is my favorite because boy oh boy is it ever applicable right now:

  • Spinner's Control Card from Mielke's Fiber Arts $12.50 + shipping. I have one of these and I absolutely love it! Very useful little tool.

Toe-Up! Patterns and Worksheets to Whip Your Sock Knitting Into Shape

Well that's it for now. Look for more posts coming soon as I find more goodies to share. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment on this post. Thanks & happy knitting!


Heather said...

Thanks so much for including my mug in your wonderful wish list! I love your list -- I found several things to add to my own wish list.

I certainly hope that Santa will make a stop at your house after all.... :)

Joan, The Local Needle said...

Hi Celena,

I just happened across your gift blog entry and you succeeded in pushing a few knitterly things my way via WineMakersSisters. I truly think it's wonderful that you support your local businesses in Lake City and your Etsy friends.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!