Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter, New Website & A Festival

A few things to share for today:
  • Twitter - You can now follow me on twitter here.
  • Dot Com - I launched the bare bones version of last night. I wanted a place my customers could go to find out about all things Rocket Yarn. From the dot com you can find links to my Etsy shop, this blog and my twitter profile as well as info on Rocket Yarn products and appearances.
  • MADD Fest - I will have a booth at MADD Fest here in Lake City on Saturday May 9th. They are still accepting vendors so if you want to join in contact them or shoot me an email and I can forward you the vendor form. More details on this to come soon.
As always, Happy Knitting, Spinning and whatever other crafty thing catches your fancy,

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