Sunday, August 16, 2009

Customer Appreciation Photos

I've been selling yarn & fiber on Etsy for over two years now but have never received any customer appreciation photos until a couple of weeks ago. They were so much fun I just had to share them with you. Angel looks like she would be a blast to hang out with. Check out these photos:

And yes, that is my hand dyed fiber on her head! What a hoot!

I noticed that Angel was also an Etsy seller so of course I had to go check out her shop. Turns out she actually has two active shops:
Angel's Purple Pantry of Paper & Yarn
Angel's Purple Pantry of Handcrafted Baby Treats

I personally love this hat from the first shop. And check out her adorable baby props in the second shop. What a great combo of funky yarn and cute babies. This photo is just too cute for words.

Angel is actually very new to spinning and sent me photos of hats she made from her handspun yarn. Aren't they adorable? She is obviously a natural born spinner because these hats are made from some of her very first handspun and they look great!

Thanks Angel for the great photos!

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