Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tour de Fleece Starts Today

As the Tour de France begins … so does the Tour de Fleece. They spin, we spin. They have goals and so do we. I’ve had a lot of art yarn ideas lately so I joined Team Breakaway (art yarn spinners). Here are my yarn goals for the tour:

Coiled Yarn – “Space”

- 4 oz hand dyed deep blue Romney

- Silver metallic thread

- Plied together with coils

Coiled Yarn – “Sky”

- 2 oz hand dyed white & light blue Merino

-2 oz hand dyed grey & blue Merino

- Plied together with lots of coils

Corespun – “Deep Space”

- Astrobatt corespun around crochet thread or fingering weight wool

- Merino/Bamboo or Merino/Nylon

- Deep purple, blue and black with angelina and firestar

Add-Ins – “Bejeweled”

- Jewel colored batt with firestar and Angelina

- Plied with metallic thread and multi-colored beads

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