Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Fiber Friday!

This is shaping up to be the best Fiber Friday yet! I found out Jacey Boggs aka Insubordiknit was coming to do a workshop in Florida. Better yet, in Sarasota, FL which is right next to my hometown of Bradenton. My family still lives there so I have plenty of places to stay for free and Grandma to entertain the kiddos. A friend of mine came over a few days before I found out about the workshop to have me spin up some trash bags and some t-shirt strips. She's into recycling whatever she can into hand knit and crocheted items. Well when she was here we were thumbing through Intertwined (an art yarn spinning book) and I was talking about how much I wish either Jacey or Lexi Boeger (author of Intertwined aka Pluckyfluff) would come to Florida. It seems as though people assume Floridians don't knit/crochet/spin much because of the warm weather. Well imagine my surprise when less than a week later I see Jacey post about a Sarasota workshop. I couldn't believe it! So I reserved a spot as soon as it opened up and decided to drop a note of thanks to Picasso's Moon, the yarn shop in Sarasota that is sponsoring the workshop. Turns out Debra is very nice and we ended up exchanging a few emails about the workshop and the upcoming Florida Fiber-In that is being held in Sarasota in September. Well imagine my surprise when I got an order of two skeins of sock yarn from Debra herself. This woman has a yarn shop ... is surrounded by all the yarn and fiber she could ever want ... and she buys two skeins of my hand dyed sock yarn. This is such a great day! :)

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