Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Item!

Rocket Yarn stash sachets. Keep them in your stash drawer, container, bag (or whatever you use) to keep your stash smelling fresh and to discourage moths. You could even toss one in your knitting bag. I have one set of stash sachets up in the shop now and will be adding more today. I have two fragrances ... Rocket Yarn Blend & Lavender. The Rocket Yarn Blend is a mix of several different herbs, including Lavender. Lavender is a natural moth deterrent so it's a great thing to keep with your wool and cotton fiber and yarn. I sent out a few of the Rocket Yarn blend to some of my customers to get their feedback and everyone really loved them. The herbs I use are all grown naturally with no pesticides. I buy them from someone here in North Florida.

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